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Diffuszed Studios is a place built to bring together Brisbanes up and coming Producers, Sound Designers, Podcast Directors and Mix Engineers; offering a Collaborative and Intimate space for Mixing & Mastering Studio services in the heart of Brisbane City, Kelvin Grove Urban Village district.

Diffuszed offers a high standard and motivational setting, in order to assist in evolving all artists who want to take their musical journey to success.

Built in 2015 and discovered by Audio Engineer, Johnny Ahern, who has produced  all different styles of tones and beats, from analogue to digital and live recordings and sound design.

His passion is to bring together all different colours of Artists and work with them simultaneously to share and float musical experiences and to grow together and inspire. 

About Diffuszed

About Diffuszed Studios

The studio has a growing mass of talent and their remarkable work they bring with them to arise; it has been, and still is, what sculpts Johnny’s studio. The studio aims to  strengthen this musical community and diffuse wonder working  productions and over the top artistry.

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Diffuszed Studios produced an ambitious podcast for our community last year. Crafting a collection of novice voices, music and effects; we couldn’t have been happier with the final product Johnny produced!

Daniel Adler

Secretary, BURN Arts Inc

Had a lot of really productive sessions in Diffuszed Studios during my half year in Brisbane. Awesome analogue gear and great acoustic treatment

Peter Muller

Every time I head over to Diffuszed Studios I’m inspired by my surroundings. All the gear works seamlessly and I’m in love with the new 8” Adam speakers too. It’s a super cool space in an awesome location.

The pricing is great and any time I’ve had Johnny do a mixdown for me he has nailed it. Perfect spot to write a track, reference your track or even record a mix on the CDJs.

Boi King Koi / Jai

The Studio

The Studio at Diffuszed

Diffuszed Studios offers premium sonic sound playback with our DIDI 003 XB Mod we have absolute quality playback.

Motu MIDI Express XT offers 8 midi channels to handle the number of hardware synthesizers and can be patched into any session either on the the studios computer or your own.

We offer a range of Digital and Analog equipment and provide a diverse monitoring playback system. The studio has continually evolved and does host numerous configurations for producing, mixing, tracking and preforming to design your session for an ideal work flow.

Audio Equipment


Digi 003 rack XB Mod (Signature Mod) Blacklion
Moto Express 8
8 inputs and 8 outputs for multi instrument sessions
V-Amp- Distortion and Fx
Doepfer A-100, Korg Radias, Moog Little Phatty
MIDI Devices
Korg Knotrol drum pads
M audio 88 keys MIDI
Behringer Fader Controller
DJ Mixer – DJ Pioneer 900 Nexus 2
Keyboard stands, Mix stands 


Pro Tools 10/12, Ableton, Reason, FL Studio
Waves, Soundtoys, Mcdsb, Brainworks, D16
EMI, FabFilter, IK Multimedia, iZotope, Softtube
Lexicon, Hornet,
VST Instruments
Native Instruments, Spectrasonics, iZotope, Arturia
Addictive Drums, Moog, Korg


Adam A8X
Mackie HR-624 MKII

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